Since Thursday was Halloween, it makes perfect sense that the Hallmark Channel began its “Countdown to Christmas” on Friday and has devoted the weekend to a succession of Christmas movies featuring “Santas” who seem less interested in delivering toys than in playing matchmaker for lonely thirty-somethings.

Just in case you’re like me and resent the way that we are now skipping over Thanksgiving entirely in our rush to open the Christmas shopping season, might I suggest that you read the following book as a good way to fight back against the craziness?

First Thanksgiving

OK, so this will undoubtedly appear as an act of Shameless Self-Promotion, but in all honesty, I wrote The First Thanksgiving in response to a sense of calling to be in conversation with the church about what it means to think Christianly about the past.  If that is something that you aspire to, consider picking it up or ordering it from Amazon.  If you would like to read a brief review of the book before forking over nearly $14 to add it to your library, Christian historian Jay Case of Malone University has written a wonderful synopsis on his blog, “The Circuit Reader,” and you can link to it here.

Take care–I’m headed back to the Hallmark Channel marathon.


  1. I have read the book and it is interesting – but be prepared to think about how something like Thanksgiving has evolved with so little actual tie to the original event, if there actually was an original event. This can be unsettling because we start to question how all sorts of traditions have evolved and our belief in the certainty of historical knowledge gets a jolt. I did catch an episode or two of the Hallmark Christmas series, mainly because it is so safe. Surfing the channels reveals so little that is safe in the sense that a family can sit down and watch without having the clicker poised to change channels when something nasty shows up. I would say that the Hallmark channel is even safer than Professor McKenzie’s book!

  2. I will try to read this book. It looks interesting.

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