After several very serious posts about the history of the First Thanksgiving, I thought it made sense to share a few more humorous reflections.  Since I’m relentlessly solemn myself, I have nothing to offer in this regard, so here are some links that colleagues and students have brought to my attention.

* Rex Huppke, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune, exhorts us not to let Thanksgiving intrude upon our celebration of NovemChristmasber.

* A student in my Civil War class called my attention to this video of random University of Colorado students answering questions about the story of the First Thanksgiving.  I am still deciding whether to laugh or cry.  (Scroll down to “Watch students tell the story of Thanksgiving.”)

* You might also check out this animated New Yorker cartoon.  As you’ll see, it shows Native American and Pilgrim women sitting at a table looking somewhat bored, while the men (both Indian and Pilgrim) are in the background playing football.  This is actually a variation on a cartoon I remember seeing years ago.  In that one, the men are plating football while the Native American women and Pilgrim women are shown working very hard to prepare the meal.  With obvious irritation, one woman turns to another and says “I sure hope this doesn’t get to be a tradition!”

* Finally, you might like this stop-animation short prepared by the folks at Intervarsity Press.

Back with a few, more serious concluding thoughts tomorrow!


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