Since it came out a little more than a year ago,  I have done thirty-three interviews on my book The First Thanksgiving: What the Real Story Tells Us about Loving God and Learning from History No television yet (I’m still waiting for a call from Good Morning, America), but a l0t of radio and a smattering of podcasts mixed in.  I’ve done everything from podcasts from a preacher’s garage to drive-time shows in major urban markets like Dallas and Denver, St. Louis and San Francisco.


All of the interviews have been with Christian venues.  I suppose the book’s subtitle scares everybody else away.  Probably because all of my interviewers have been Christian, they have all been pretty sympathetic interviews.  Although it would be bad form to ask them, I suspect that very few of my interviewers have actually read the book.  There have been exceptions, but not many.

At the end of the summer I had my first opportunity to do an interview for a national audience.  I flew to Little Rock, Arkansas, headquarters of the Christian Ministry Family Life, started by Dennis and Barbara Rainey, and our conversation on the program Family Life Today will be aired in two segments next Monday and Tuesday, November 3-4.  You can listen online on those days by going to the FamilyLife website.  Alternatively, the website also can tell you which radio stations in your area carry the program.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Thank you for your time and effort regarding our Founders.
    It was the Christian testimony of some of them that led me to Christ in early 2,000, at 51 years old. From mid 1997 to that point, I believe God allowed an intense interest in history to develop; prior to that period I had zero interest in history. Despite being raised Catholic, and spending a good portion of my time in Catholic schools, I had never read the Bible, let alone studied it. Through Barton’s website I was exposed to some of the scriptures
    in the writings of the Founders. In late 1999 I read ‘ORIGINAL INTENT’ by Barton. A few months later I was led to seek out ‘this God of our Founders.’
    I’ve come to understand though, that one of the problems with Barton’s approach, is that it led me to consider our Founders as demigods. Fortunately, one of the traits I admire about those men, is their reliance on the Bible. After nearly 15 years of relying on Christ, I’ve recently been searching for a more balanced source of information regarding our history. One of your articles regarding Jefferson, was quoted at The Berean Call; I followed the link, “And the rest is history”, as they say (I can be somewhat over dramatic).
    Relying on the Bible as a lens, there likely is no reason to assume that as a proportion of the population, there were any more born again Christians then, then now. But as you pointed out, the Bible was much more widely read and studied then. Jefferson himself was probably a fairly studied individual in the scriptures. It seems likely he had to have put considerable time into it, to identify things he considered ‘against logic and reason.’
    Further, in light of a prophetic timeline, it seems the only nation that can be truly called “A Christian nation”, is Israel during the 1,000 year reign of Christ, which I take to be an actual chronological/historical period. As a result, no gentile nation could actually assume that title biblically. America however probably has gotten as close as any nation can so far. I feel though, that America’s founding should be considered to be moderately Christianized. The New Testament doesn’t give any direct instructions on a nation’s civil structure, such as God gave Israel in the Old Testament. Instead, Christians are instructed on how to conduct themselves in a pagan world. ‘History’ is replete with attempts to ‘theocratize’ Christianity, and a sad hand often times brutal history it is! Our founders probably got as close to being able to blend Old and New Testament principles as possible prior to Christ’s return.
    I look forward to reading your post on ‘Vocation/Calling.’ Because of the specifics of my conversion, one more ‘Great Awakening’ for America is very much on my heart. I believe Josiah’s revival holds some key insights, if we can properly discern how to bridge the theocracy of Josiah’s time, and our historical place in God’s timeline under the New Testament. I don’t believe in coincidence in God’s universe, America’s greatness is a result of God’s blessings, I feel we ignore that truth if we ignore a correct understanding of how our founders implemented their understanding of scriptural truths in the civil structure of our nation. They made several serious mistakes, slavery being one of them, but so did ancient Israel. As is often pointed out, God can do much with little, and can correct even great errors in a nation’s past.
    It also seems that God is often open to revival in a nation, as He was in Josiah’s time. In fact it was the parallels between ancient Israel’s debauched condition and America’s current condition, that first drew my attention to the accounts of Josiah’s revival in II Kings and II Chronicles, during the run up to the 2008 national elections. His stand taken by a pillar in the temple, gave rise to the name ‘Josiah’s Pillar’ for America’s third awakening if it happens…that is if it even applies. One of the main difficulties is, is that I’m not a professional writer, I’m a backhoe operator. Josiah’s Pillar just won’t leave me alone though. But what I don’t want it to be is another fictional story, or contrived sensationalist thing like the current ‘Blood Moons’ craze. An accurate assessment of our nations founding, and a proper understanding of among other things, the prophetic timeline of the Bible, seems to me to be crucial to determining if some of the principles of Josiah’s revival can be used as a pattern for America now.
    I realize you are very busy, but any insights would be greatly appreciated.
    God bless you and thank you for following God’s calling on your life.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I look forward to hearing it.

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