The new academic year started last week here at Wheaton College.  It’s an exciting time, but always hectic.  Compounding the predictable craziness that comes with the first week of classes, I made a whirlwind trip to Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts to assist with an external review of their History Department.

Rest assured, I haven’t forgotten you, though it may take a while to catch my breath and get back into the routine of regular posts.  This fall I’ll be sharing reviews of summer reading on faith and the founding, and also asking you to help me think through how best to resurrect a particular Civil War soldier that I am getting to know through his correspondence.

In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy the admonition below, sent to me by a former student.  I loved it.

Back in touch soon.

Lincoln Internet

2 responses to “LINCOLN SAID WHAT?

  1. Lincoln always had a way with words.

  2. 4 September 2015

    That’s an easy one for anyone who knows a little history about Lincoln and the internet to refute! Too bad they weren’t all that easy…

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