History as Stewardship of the Past

I rarely link to other sites or reblog posts by other writers, but this essay by Bethel University historian Chris Gehrz impressed me so deeply that I had to pass it along.–TM

The Pietist Schoolman

Over the weekend I had the honor of being the featured speaker at the 125th anniversary banquet for Salem Covenant Church in Duluth, Minnesota. I didn’t write out my remarks and won’t try to reproduce what I said entirely — but I thought I might share some of the ideas at the core of the address. They form the outline of a possible chapter for a new book project I’m working on.

Salem Covenant Church

The idea for the talk came to me earlier this year, when our own pastor preached from the last chapter in the Book of Joshua. That passage starts with history, a recitation of the story of Yahweh and his people from Abram on, and ends with the tribes of Israel renewing the Covenant in the Promised Land. But en route, Joshua delivers this reminder from the Lord:

I gave you a land on which you had not labored, and towns that you had not built, and…

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One response to “History as Stewardship of the Past

  1. Wow – I’m honored, Tracy. Thanks! (As it happens, I was talking about you yesterday as part of the first session of a new adult Sunday School class I’m teaching up here. I wanted them to think about what it means “to think historically and Christianly about the past” before we got into particular events in the past.)

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