Two Wheaton College undergrads authored an opinion piece that was picked up by the Washington Post last evening.  If you have not seen it, you can click here to read their statement “Why We, Wheaton College Students, are Condemning Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Remarks on Guns and Muslims.”  One of the co-authors is minoring in history and sat in my office only yesterday.  The question that they address is complex, but I admire their courage and their convictions.


  1. I agree that we must apply Jesus’s words to love our enemy and pray for those who persecute us, even to the violent Muslim community. I disagree that they are our brothers and sisters, Scripture uses that term for fellow Christians; rather, Muslims are our neighbors. Islam does not equal Christianity. We are to try to help them and all people find Jesus, not say they are fine like they are, which is what I interpret the “standing in solidarity” to imply. I also think its relevant to recall that both Peter and Judas where zealots, and Jesus used Peter’s boldness when he yeilded it to Christ in love to accomplish great things for His kingdom. But Judas was entered by Satan when he clung boldly to his own adgenda. Our LORD will use even the bold and more assertive Christians like Falwell when they truly love Him and seek Him. We aren’t all the same kind of servant, Rom 14:4. Its more divisive to seperate fellow Christians than Muslims and Christians.

  2. A refreshing corrective. Very gratifying that the Washington Post printed this to clarify that leaders like Falwell and Graham do not speak for all evangelicals.

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