I had the privilege earlier this week to be interviewed by one of my former students, Daniel Davis.  Students like Daniel are one of the main reasons I love being at Wheaton College.  Some of my fondest memories are of the long conversations we had at the campus dining hall over the years, and I left every one of them thankful and encouraged.  Daniel is now working in Washington, D.C., and he and a few other recent Wheaton grads have started an online journal called Ecclesiam, with the goal of promoting constructive discussion of cultural issues in the light of the gospel.  Daniel interviewed me for their podcast, “Point of Contact.”

Daniel and I talked for about 75 minutes in a wide-ranging conversation that touched on the importance of history to the Christian, what it means to approach the past Christianly, and some of the light that a historical perspective might shed on the current presidential contest.  If you’re interested, you can view the podcast, titled “Trump, Conservatism, and Christian Witness, here.



  1. Jack Be Nimble

    Good interview! I really like the comparison of Trump to Andrew Jackson. I also like the idea that all Christians, by nature of their (our) Christian faith, are historians. We have the obligation to explore and understand the historical realities of our faith.

  2. Thank you, the conversation was encouraging to me. You both put into words what I have been thinking over the past few years, about the importance of history, the misuse of it, and how history shows that the Church is weakened by being tied to political movements. It was good to hear that others are thinking the same thoughts.

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